Hygienic Insanity

Whilst a sensible attitude to hygiene is a good idea, have things gone too far? Are we actually damaging our children by not letting them touch life.

Hygienic Insanity

Caution: Touching life may be damaging to your child's health.

We were on a local farm over the weekend and they had a section where kids (both large and small) could go and see the farm animals. Not touch, you understand, just see. It most definitely was NOT a petting section. There were signs asking you not to touch the animals and dispensers of handwash everywhere so you could sanitize yourself immediately if you felt any countrysde had touched you. What tipped this over the edge into the realms of insanity was the fact that all the animal enclosures were double fenced so you couldn't physically get within 3 feet of any animal, and they still had handwash dispensers right there by the fence.

Please wash your hands after touching life
Please wash your hands after touching life

I realise the recent E.coli outbreak at Godstone's Farm caused a lot of heartache, but this is going over the top. What kind of children are we going to raise? If children are never exposed to germs, they never build up any resistance to them. I'm not suggesting being stupid about this, but a little bit of common sense and handwashing goes a long way. I'm not blaming the farm for this insanity - undoubtedly they are worried about being sued if anyone falls ill after a visit.

Dog stroking and Sanity ...

When we're out walking the dogs we get a lot of parents & children asking if they can stroke the dogs. Perhaps we should start carrying Health & Safety disclaimers and ask people to sign them before allowing them to stroke the dogs .... or not.

We'll let a little sanity and dog stroking exist in our corner of the world :-)

The benefits of a little dirt

Interestingly, you can clinically prove that children raised with pets are two things. 1) Healthier and; 2) more mentally stable than children who are not. I suspect they're they're also happier, but that one's a personal opinion. The healthier is very simply - they get exposed to more bugs through their interactions with their pets and that makes their immune systems more robust and better able to repel the nasty bugs. The mentally stable is also easy. Firstly, pets give you unconditional love with no strings attached. Secondly, if you tell your dog a secret in strictest confidence, it will most definitely NOT go and tell every other dog in the class - sadly people are not so reliable.

Caution: NOT stroking dogs may be damaging to your child's health :-)

“I like animals because they are not consciously cruel and don't betray each other.” — Taylor Caldwell

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