Getting the sleepers for the first raised bed

Getting the sleepers for the first raised bed

I said in the previous post that we were going to get enough sleepers to prototype the raised beds. Well today, being a Saturday, was the day that we could pop over to our local reclimation yard to see what they had :-)

The good news was they had plenty of reclaimed ex-railway sleepers and they looked good. They were supposed to be £22 each but we bargained and got 10 for £210 (£12 each). I think they're pine, actually I really quite sure they're pine, especialy after we cut one in half (but more of that later) :-)

We don't have a car at the moment, we just don't have the need ... so how did we get them home? Well, although we don't have a car, we do have a horse lorry, and horse lorries are absolutely great for transporting just about anything to do with DIY and gardening :-)

The chap at the reclimation yard helped us load them with a fork lift truck which was great. Unloading them once we got home was a far more back breaking task :-(

Eventually we had them stacked in the garden, helped by a collie of course :-). Once we had them stacked up the question about building the beds flat-on or end-on became obvious. End-on would be more than sufficient for strength and would let us get more height for the same number of sleepers. These things are SOLID.

Unloading Sleepers 1

Unloading Sleepers 2

Unloading Sleepers 3

However we were knackered after unloading them so we decided to reward ourselves by heading off to the local cafe at Pride & Joy for tea and cakes and a garden planning brain-storming session :-D.