Dog owners and Community Protection Notices

Dog owners and Community Protection Notices

Some new legisation came into force in the UK last autumn that propertied to affect dog owners. I mention this now because a friend posted an article in Facebook about it a couple of days ago, which was when I investigated it.

New dog laws: What pet owners need to know from today

The funny thing was, when you went and had a look at the actual legisation and the guidance notes, they didn't mention dogs at all. So I'm unclear why the newspaper felt that this legisation targeted pet owners specifically.

This is the response I posted in Facebook.

Reading up on this, these laws aren't aimed at dog owners. In fact the laws and guidance notes I've found no mention dogs at all. The problem is they've been drafted with very broad wording as they are intended to support victims and allow people to demand that the authorities respond to reports of anti-social behaviour. For example, people can demand a review with the relevant agencies if 3 complaints are received within a 6 month period.

Because the wording is very broad it means they could be applied to dogs if people complain that your dog's behaviour is anti-social.

Worse yet, there are clauses in there that allow the authorities to seize items that are being used for the anti-social behaviour if a CPN is breached. I would read that as meaning they can seize your dog if it's deemed that you or your dog have breach a properly issued CPN relating to your dog :-(

My guess they are meant to apply to inaminate objects like hi-fi's when people are playing things too loud. But it doesn't exclude dogs and dogs are deemed to be your property in law so ....

The good news is you can appeal at all stages. Worst case - if you do get issued with one I would get legal advice immediately. Most pet insurance polices include some form of legal advice so I'd use it :-)

Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

Check out the whole,act


The specific legislation relating to CPNs on the UK government site

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