Did you really mean it that way?

Did you really mean it that way?

The line between success and failure can be very thin. Sometimes it's very easy to communicate a completely different idea to the one you intended.

I'm sure I'm not wired the right way for some advertising. I keep seeing adverts that go the wrong way, at least for me.

The latest is from B&Q

B&Q Advert

I'm sure I was supposed to look at this and think that my life would be much easier if I ordered from B&Q as they'd deliver everything and I wouldn't have to struggle.

Problem is, I looked at it and thought, "What a smug git - why isn't he offering to help his neighbour?" Oh dear. Trust a customer to ruin a great advertising idea :(

That's always the problem with trying to communicate ideas, people get the wrong one, they take offence where none was intended.

So when you see an idea that instantly makes you want to jump down the throat of the person who created it, take a moment to ask yourself, did they really mean it that way? If your sure they did, then by all means indulge yourself and make them regret they ever voiced it. But if your not, ask first, just to be sure ...

Did you really mean it that way?

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