Vaseline, Vodka & Carrots - It's all about the context

A friend was taking her horse drag-hunting for the day, but was running a bit late, so she left a note pinned to the front door asking her dad to bring a few extra items with him. He arrived home to find the postman reading the note on the door with great interest. The note read:

Please bring Vaseline, Vodka & Large Carrot. Thanks :-)

People in the horsey world will understand this perfectly.

  • Vaseline - for horses lips where it touched the bit and for the legs to protect them when they brush through hedges
  • Vodka - for the hip flask and dutch courage as while riding round
  • Large carrot - as a treat for the horse at the end of the day.

However I can imagine it raising a few eyebrows in the wider, non-horsey, world :-)

Like I said, it's all about the context.

Jamie Whitehorn

Jamie Whitehorn

A self proclaimed geek who loves technology, data, computers and science; but balances this by spending time with his wonderful better half and their dogs and horses in the countryside.

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