The "Using ..." posts — or how-to do something useful

The "Using ..." posts — or how-to do something useful

In this blog you'll find a whole series of posts that come under the collective heading of Using whatever. Where whatever might be Excel, or SQL or Tableau, etc. I think most people would call them How-To's.

So why'd you call them 'Using', then?

Simple, because I wrote most of them while I was using Excel or using Tableau or using SQL ... you get the idea :). So when I was trying to come up with a tag that could group them all together, using seemed the most descriptive and natural one to use. Besides, it would make no sense if I said How-To Excel or How-To Tableau. ;-)

What they're for

Most of them were written as aide memoires to myself so I wouldn't forget the useful little nugget I'd just found and have to re-invent the wheel yet again a few months down the line. Or they were written because I'd found something cool I wanted to share with friends and family. If you find them useful as well, that's an added bonus and I'm glad to have helped.

What do they contain?

They vary from the very simple, to the pretty dang amazing, depending on what I was trying to doing at the time :)

How do I find them?

Just search for the #Using tag. They're also covered by tags for the specific technology like #Excel or #SQL or #Tableau etc.

Final words

If you've read this far, I'm impressed and I really hope that you find something useful in the "Using" posts to make it worth your while. In the language of the Internet I HTH :)

"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." — Oscar Wilde

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