Should I stay, or should I go …

… or 60 seconds to change how you think about the referendum on the 23rd

You will hear any number of predictions on what will happen if we vote to leave the EU on the 23rd. Whether they are good or bad depends on who you listen to.

Should I stay, …

  • The #Stay campaign will tell you how much worse things will be if we leave: recession, debt, unemployment; take your pick.

… or should I go

  • The #Leave campaign will tell you how terrible everything has been and how much be better they will be if we leave, we will have more freedom, more strength, and more self-determination.

The Truth

Truth - neither of them really knows what will happen if we leave (BBC News). The issue is too big and too complex. It's impossible to predict what will actually happen with any certainty. About all you can say is that if we vote to leave there will be change and a lot of it.

So an alternative way to think of it …

Think about it this way instead. Do you want change or stability? Do you want things to stay as they are, or do you want a massive shake up? If you want change, vote to leave; if you want things to stay as they are, vote to stay.


“Life is very interesting if you make mistakes.” — Georges Carpentier

Jamie Whitehorn

Jamie Whitehorn

A self proclaimed geek who loves technology, data, computers and science; but balances this by spending time with his wonderful better half and their dogs and horses in the countryside.

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