Why you need to seen as much of the picture as possible

Why you need to seen as much of the picture as possible

I was reminded of a TV advert that The Guardian newspaper ran back in 1986 during a conversation on Facebook today.

It was in three sections.

The first showed a skinhead in combat trousers and Doc Martens suddenly start to run away from a car towards the camera.

The second shows the same scene but from behind the skinhead so you can see what he is running towards - a man with a briefcase who turns round in surprise clutching his breifcase to his chest. The skinhead appears to be trying to grab the briefcase.

The third and final shot, seen from a wide angle, shows the skinhead grabbing the man and pulling him to safety as a pile of building rubble falls into the space the man was about to step into, thus saving him.

It is 35 years since I've seen it, but it's message has stuck with me all this time. You need to see as much of the picture as possible to understand what is going on.

When something bad happens people are always quick to blame others, but things may not be as they seem. You need to keep an open mind and find out as much about the whole story as you can before you decide what is going on.

Don't be a sheep, be a thinker instead.

Watch the 'Point of View' advert on YouTube