Time to lose weight (again)...

Time to lose weight (again)...

It's post Christmas and it's time to lose weight (again). I'm a fairly classic weight losing person, in that my weight fluctuates. If I don't pay attention to it, it creeps up. The longer I don't pay attention to it, the more it creeps up. Eventually it'll hit a point where I decided enough is enough and I need to lose weight again. We've now reached that point again.

The Point

How do I know it's time to lose weight?

  1. My waistline won't fit into 36" trousers anymore and I start to think I should be buying 38" trousers for work. 38" is a size too far.
  2. My top half is starting to struggle to fit into things labelled XL. Buying any thing sized as XXL is not a good plan.
  3. And finally, when I struggle to bend down and pick things off the floor.

The Technique

I don't use any fancy diet to do this, I will just tweak my lifestyle slightly to reduce my calorie intake. The basic idea behind this is very simple: eat less->lose wight. So this year's tweaks will include ...

  • Ditching the daily Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte (GVL) that I collect when I arrive at the office each morning. That's 240 calories right off. (Grande Latte is 180cal and 3 pumps of syrup at 20cals per pump = 240cal, source: Starbuck's Nutritional Information)
  • Take only one sandwich to work, not two.
  • Stop buying any biscuits from the shop at work whatsoever!
  • Don't buy any cut price sandwiches from the shop at work for the journey home.
  • Have supper as soon as I get home in the evening so there is no temptation to snack when I get home to "tied" me over.

That lot should be enough to ensure I start losing weight.

Is it easy? Well, not really. It means I'll be feeling vaguely hungry, most of the time, for the next 6-12 months. On the plus side, I can eat anything I want on this diet, just in moderation, hence it's nickname of The Moderation Diet.

I'll try to remember to post graphs once a month or so, so people can see my progress ... or lack there of. Feel free to heckle if there is a lack of progress :-)

The Starting Point

And what you may ask is the starting point?


Photo header credit: TeroVesalainen/Pixabay